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Weddle Unlimited - A NFL Wordle

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Weddle Unlimited - A NFL Wordle

Who is Weddle? This game is based on the popular word game Wordle, but this time you have to guess an NFL player from a database. It is a clever game called nfl wordle. We are going to tell you what the weedle is, how to download it, and why you should play Weedle unlimited. In this game, you have to figure out who a mystery NFL player is. It's different from wordle, but if you like NFL, we think you'll like this online game.

Football Wordle

NFL Wordle is a daily game that can be played once a day in either Today's Challenge mode or Random Challenge mode. weedle is a game where you have to guess a famous nfl player in eight guesses. It's harder than the original wordle, and we're going to teach you how to play it and give you tips to get better at it.

This NFL Wordle is pretty simple. It consists of guessing an NFL player in 8 tries. When you figure out who this mysterious player is, weedle game gives you the option to share it on your social networks. Show it to your friends! .

If you like NFL football, we think you will like this online game. If you try it, you will know exactly why this online game has gone viral in just a few hours.

Contents \s🏈 How to play "Wedge"

It's a simple game that has gone viral because it's easy and because you only have 8 chances a day to solve its challenge. Weedle Online is a free word guessing game that doesn't require you to download anything or set up the game. Weddle unlimited has a 1-grid system where you try to guess an NFL player as fast as you can.

Guess the NFL player with as few tries as possible.

The solution player will be a current fantasy player, so only WRs, RBs, QBs, and TEs will be allowed.

After each guess, the tile colors will change based on how close your guess was to the player.

In any column, green means a match

In the division column, yellow means the correct conference but not the correct division.

In the height, age, and weight columns, yellow means that the right number is within 2 (inches, years, or numbers) of the player.

This wordle doesn't let players start a new game after finishing the day's game. If you want to play infinite wedle, keep reading and we'll tell you how to do it.

The point of the game is to guess an NFL player in 8 tries, so on the eighth try, you have to figure it out. The game gives you a list of all the possible players, and you have to choose which one you think is the weedle player today. The clues are different for each player. Every day there's a new mystery player!

NFL Wordle game rules

Weedle game is the version that asks you to name a football mystery player in the NFL after just eight tries. When you write your player, each time you try it, it will give you hints and tips.

You get eight guesses, so try any current NFL football player!

Green in any column means a match!

Red in any column means there is not a match!

To make searching easier, almost all of the players from the NFL database are listed.

Every day there's a new mystery player!

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